Brevard's Reef

Surf, Fish, Play, Relax...Learn.




The combination of these three things in one place at one time creates a unique stretch of shoreline from Patrick Air Force Base stretching down to Indialantic. The life is abundant, the treasures are numerous, and the atmosphere is relaxing. Taking the time to learn about this shore and it's mysteries is a truly enriching experience.

"This must be heaven where the water meets the land..."


Our Ocean

The East Coast of Florida runs parallel to the Gulf Stream which is the warm ocean current that rounds the southern tip of Florida's peninsula and travels north into the open Atlantic. Here it sits off-shore about 30 miles and travels up to 7 miles per hour. It keeps our water cooler in the summer time(80-84 degrees Fahrenheit) and warmer in the winter(60-70 degrees Fahrenheit). During hurricane season large ground swells produce 6-12 foot surf which breaks along the near-shore reef in subtle but consistent lines, in the winter nor-easters churn the ocean into a magnificient fury, and in late spring it falls into a glassy slumber we call 'Lake Atlantic'.


Our Reef

The reef that runs along our shore stretches almost 10 miles from Patrick Air Force Base in the north to Indialantic in the South. It is a unique feature of Florida's Coast and is home to a spectacular combination of life including Juvenile Sea Turtles, dolphins, manatees, an endangered worm that builds coral-like structures, and hundreds of species of fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and birds. It is hidden most of the day by the ocean, but on calm days it reveals itself and it's treasures at low tide. Right now it is being threatened by a project that will widen the beach and bury it, learn what you can do to help.


Our Beach

The sand here is as transient as the ocean and home to an endless array of sea shells, sea beans, sea glass, and sea rocks.  Storms take it away, and the ocean spits it back up along with any number of wandering mariners. It's an amazing process that happens over the course of weeks. The beach is taken and rebuilt several times per year, and this sublime cycle gives our beach a character and nature unlike any other. One day it is sloped and flat, the next it is being transformed by tidal pools, then it reverts to its dormant form which is defined by small repeated bluffs along the high tide line as far as one can see.