Brevard's Barrier Island Reef and it's nearby waters are home to excellent fishing. Whether you're fishing from shore for Pompano, fishing from a kayak for Tarpon, or trolling from a boat for Cobia and Mackerel, this is a great place to fish.

"'Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman,' he thought. 'But that was the thing that I was born for.'

-Ernest Hemmingway


A Breath of Fresh Air and A Stampede

For most, Summer officially ends on September 20th. This is near the peak of our Hurricane Season and the heat and humidity are oppressive. The ocean is glassy most days, and the afternoon is marked by powerful thunderstorms which are fueled by our sea breeze. The transition from tropical summer to temperate fall is a months long process where these storms humidity end and are slowly replaced by our cold front cycles. Once a year, it is possible to mark when this happens. However it isn't done on a calendar, it's done at the beach.

With the first cold-front of the year, comes the bait run. Millions and Millions of mullet leave the sanctuary of our estuaries and begin the aquatic stampede south. Most Floridians know this day by a gentle north breeze which brings continental air and drops temperatures from the mid-90's to the low to mid 80's. For those of us who love to fish. This marks the beginning of a month's worth of spectacular fishing along our beaches. With the bait comes every type of predator imaginable, and when conditions are just right it turns the surf into a feeding frenzy. 


beach fishing.jpg

Cold is Hot

In the winter months our coldest temperatures reach down into the 30's at night, usually accompanied by a heavy wind which blows down from the north. The best anglers understand the nuances of these fronts and their effect on fishing from the shore, however it does not take an expert to find and catch the elusive pompano. The coldest days of the year, you will see one or two anglers who are brave enough to head to the beach at sunrise for a chance to fill a bucket with these delicious fish. Even if the pompano aren't biting, whiting can be caught almost any time and sheep's head hide in the deeper holes along the reef.